FROM: Sherry Gonzalez

Tony was my boss in the Academic Senate. He was a very kind and fair boss and always listened to the staff when we had insight or advice. He and Helen were very involved in helping make the Senate voice heard and they also looked out for the staff as well. We appreciated them!

FROM: René St-Arnaud

Tony contributed so much to the vitamin D field that some of his ideas stand to be forgotten in the total sum of his work. To me, he was a source of inspiration in persevering to study a putative biological role for the 24,25-dihydroxyvitamin D metabolite. His 1997 work suggesting a role for the metabolite in fracture repair was the anchor that made me persevere for more than 20 years in elucidating the mechanisms involved. The first thing I did when our manuscript was accepted for publication last year was to send him a preprint. It was with sadness that I learned that his health did not allow him to respond. In retrospect I owe him a lot and wish to extend my condoleances to his family.


FROM:   Antonio Mouriño

My heart and deepest sympathy go to Tony's family. Tony Norman was one of the greatest in the field of vitamin D and his contribution is and will be crucial for a good health and for scientific developments in the area. Those who work on vitamin D will miss him very much! I remember with appreciation and affection his teachings during many group meetings in Riverside. Rest in peace.

FROM:  Emmanuel Yannikakis​

Dr Norman reached people he never met. When someone passes away it is sad that only then we learn who he was all the significant achievements and theories that have helped so many and myself indirectly with my personal fight with CLL, makes the loss even more sad, but thank you and Rest In Peace Dr. Tony Norman my sincere condolences to the family.

FROM:  Dearing

When i saw his photos, it struck me that he was a very kind man. then tears came - his passing touched my heart. who knows how many lives his work has saved. your grief will transform, if u will go into the eye of the storm, any time, any place - just fully feel it. don't think it - FEEL it when it comes ! - much love, Dearing (GRH vitamin D pract.)


FROM:  Dr. P. L. Tham

Message: I am much saddened to know the passing of Professor Norman, a forward thinker, a pioneer in Vit D research, an exceptional mentor. This is indeed a loss to humanity and to the scientific community. Regretfully, Dr. P. L. Tham

FROM:  Kathy Redd

I had the privilege to work with Tony as a faculty member and Program Director. I was staff support and he always treated me with respect that encouragement. He was thoughtful in his criticism and always showed that he cared about my development as a person and a representative of UCR. I learned a lot from him and will always be grateful for his mentorship.

FROM: Roger Bouillon

The university of Riverside will miss an excellent scientist and teacher; the vitamin D research will miss an expert with an enormous expertise; the vitamin D workshop lost the pioneer in communication of all (interdisciplinary) fields of vitamin D whereby he allowed us to share science and multiply rather than divide expertise and knowledge; I miss a dear friend that I first met nearly 50 years ago; his family will miss him daily. However, he left us a legacy of science, communication skills and friendship -- may he rest in peace with Helen

FROM:  Rick Debus

Tony was a giant among the UC faculty for half a century, beginning long before I arrived at UCR thirty years ago, both in terms of his science and his involvement with UCR governance.  I interacted with him closely as a fellow member of the Department of Biochemistry.  Tony was especially helpful to me during the seven years I served as Department Chair.  I vividly remember bringing his personnel file to the Biochemistry Faculty on two occasions and marveling at the extent of his involvement in so many things.   We all miss him.

FROM:  Paul Lips

first met Tony Norman in Amsterdam at the PhD thesis of Mat Jongen on simultaneous measurement of the main vitamin D metabolites where he was the external reviewer and the real expert. Later on he visited Amsterdam several times when giving lectures on vitamin D, always excellent. We had dinner in “Le Quattro Stagioni”, the family restaurant he enjoyed very much. He will be remembered because of his excellent work on the active vitamin D metabolite and the vitamin D receptor, which he discovered. Besides being friendly, he was interested in much more than biochemistry, and it was a pleasure to discuss with him. I also met him several times during the planning of the Vitamin D Workshop in Delft in 2015. He was keen on the organization and the contents of the workshop. It probably was the last workshop where he fully participated together with Helen. I have warm memories of Tony with his always serious but friendly attitude. We lose in him an excellent scientist and a great man. with warm regards to his family, Paul Lips​

FROM: Sara Peleg

Please allow me to extend my condolences and express my deep sorrow for the loss of your father and grandfather, the esteemed scientist, educator and colleague, Professor Anthony (Tony) Norman. Dr Norman and I were research collaborators for nearly 15 years, and I will be forever thankful for his generosity in sharing with me his vast knowledge and insight about the chemistry and biochemical properties of vitamin D and its analogs. In fact, his kindness and generosity directly contributed to the expansion of my professional network with other scientists in the field of vitamin D research. Furthermore, the period of our collaboration has been one of the most productive of my years in academia. Again, I will be forever thankful to Dr Norman. He will be missed. Sincerely Sara Peleg, PhD​

FROM: Dan Jeske

 Karin and I cherished the friendship we had with Helen and Tony over the past several years. Their professional accomplishments combined with their warmth, authenticity, and generosity created unparalleled role models for both us. Our hearts go out to their extended family. We know that it will take some time, but the immediate feelings of loss and sadness will all be pushed away by immense pride in the marks Helen and Tony left with their lives.

FROM: Roberto Civitelli

Tony Norman was an immense figure in vitamin D metabolism, and trained so many leaders in our field.  It is a great loss, but certainly, he leaves a huge legacy, as his life and careers have been long and highly impactful.

FROM: Sylvia Christakos

So much of what I have accomplished I owe to mentoring from your dad.  He would always encourage me (and others in the lab) to do the work in depth, to strive for excellence.  He had an ability to look at our data and understand readily its significance in a global context.  Both your parents worked so hard.  I remember killing chicks with them (and scraping mucosa) and the total commitment involved when it was time for the grant renewal. I remember it being a labor of love for your parents.  They loved vitamin D which was evident in their articles, their reviews and Tony's vitamin D book.  They made outstanding, pioneering contributions and the world and their trainees have benefited.


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